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Oakworth Timber Engineering

Oakworth Homes Limited
Sustainable Building Centre
35 Handsworth Road
South Yorkshire
S9 4AA

Oakworth Timber Engineering

Tel: 01142 611150
Fax: 01142 438150

Registered No: 05794976
VAT No: GB 886 3894 53

Oakworth Homes UK Timber


New Build Developers & Engineered Wood Products

Time savings & budget management are always crucial to the success of any New Build Development whether large or small. At Oakworth Homes we have plenty of experience of building homes, right from purchase of land to completion so we understand the importance of timely deliveries & adhering to agreed programmes. Our understanding of more than just the timber structural element of your project makes Oakworth Homes the ideal partner for the timber frame design, supply & site erection. Our core customer base includes a number of New Build Developers who are successfully implementing unique and profitable timber frame designs across England, Scotland & Wales.

Time Saving

The time savings when timber frame is used by New Build Developers as the primary method of construction instead of masonry on a typical 1,250 square foot domestic dwelling are 6 - 8 weeks. This is with the shell of the structure being wind & water tight within 4 - 6 weeks from start of construction. This means that provided the foundations are prepared correctly the whole structure should be erected & water tight prior to any interest payments being made and providing further cost reduction by the New Build Developer. The benefits for the New Build Developer are significant with quality levels reducing costs.

Timber frame brings other benefits too. Recent changes to SAP testing (Standard Assessment Procedure) means all individual new dwellings & one in five of each style on larger developments are now subjected to an air pressure test. Where a dwelling fails its test the New Build Developer is forced to take remedial measures & seal any gaps where air could be escaping from the inside out.

New Build Developers & Engineered Wood Products

Reductions in Cost

This creates not only delays in completion but clearly isn't cheap. It is a proven fact that there is typically a reduced amount of air leakage from a factory manufactured timber frame dwelling than anything pieced together on site.

Oakworth Timber Engineering manufacture timber frame panels from our factory in Sheffield, which has excellent access to all major routes for the transporting of timber frame kits nationally. We are happy to provide quotations for the design, supply & erection of timber frames to projects across England & Wales. Simply post or email us a set of drawings to allow us to discuss your next project with you. We are confident that we understand the issues facing a New Build Developer and can help your next project run smoothly.

New Build Developers & Engineered Wood Products


Timber frame construction removes brick and block work from the critical path when compared to traditional construction methods. This allows the roof structure to be erected and covered ahead of the requirement for masonry therefore your property is secure and ready to receive the internal first fix trades much sooner thus saving valuable time and money. The benefits for the New Build Developer across a one dwelling or multi-dwelling plot are clear with substantial cost reductions available.

Please browse our website for more information about Oakworth Homes and our design & timber frame services then contact us on 0870 8500785 to speak to one of our team or simply send us your details via our enquiries page and we will contact you to discuss your requirements.

New Build Developers & Engineered Wood Products

Please browse our website for more information about Timber Engineered Products, I-Beams, I-Joists & Laminated Beams then contact us on 01142 611150 or e-mail us on enquiries@oakworthtimberengineering.co.uk.