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Oakworth Timber Engineering

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Applications of I-Joists & Laminated Beams

BCI® Joists are designed for usage in Flooring and Roofing applications. VERSA-LAM® Beams manufactured to precise specifications using VERSA-LAM® laminated veneer lumber flanges bonded to an orientated strand board (OSB) web.

BCI Joists - Floor Applications

BCI® Joists are designed for floor applications using the principles of BS5268–2:2002 and the joist properties contained in BBA Certificate 99/3620. In general, it can be assumed that floors in modern centrally heated buildings will achieve a Service Class 1 moisture condition.

Uniformly distributed dead and imposed loads will be assumed acoss the whole floor unless otherwise directed. Imposed loads will be selected from the examples tabulated in the PDF library depending on the intended use of the floor. Dead loads can be taken from the schedule of material weights tabulated in the PDF's below.

BCI Joists - Roof Applications

BCI® Joists can be used to create open roof voids in buildings by acting as free-spanning rafters between a ridge beam at the roof apex and the wallplate at eaves level. BCI® Joist suppliers involved in roof applications assume a role similar to that of the trussed rafter designer, as outlined in BS5268-3:1998, clauses 6, 7 and 11.

The Building Designer remains responsible for the roof design, including specification of all holding down fixings at support positions, and the stability and wind bracing systems, unless otherwise agreed or a roof designer has been employed. I-Joist roofs should be braced, or arranged, to form a coherent structure. The bracing can be in the form of a structural diaphragm (sarking) or triangulating members.

VERSA-LAM - Construction Applications

VERSA-LAM® products are excellent as floor and roof framing supports or as lintels for doors, windows and garage doors and columns. Manufactured with no camber, VERSA-LAM® LVL products provide flatter, quieter floors, and consequently, the builder can expect happier customers with significantly fewer call backs.

VERSA-LAM® is intended for use as structural members such as beams, ties, struts or structural framing (including use in components such as trusses and panels), in Service Class 1 or 2 environments as defined in BS5268-2:2002.

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BCI Joists - Floor Applications

BCI Joists - Roof Applications

VERSA-LAM® products are excellent as floor and roof framing supports or as lintels for doors, windows and garage doors and columns.

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