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Oakworth Timber Engineering

Oakworth Homes Limited
Sustainable Building Centre
35 Handsworth Road
South Yorkshire
S9 4AA

Oakworth Timber Engineering

Tel: 01142 611150
Fax: 01142 438150

Registered No: 05794976
VAT No: GB 886 3894 53

Oakworth Homes UK Timber


Design Service - Engineered Wood Products

BC CALC® is our software program for sizing BCI® Joists and VERSA-LAM® beams and operates within Microsoft Windows® 95, 98, NT, 2000, ME, XP, Vista & Windows 7. Send us your Enquiry and we will create the optimum parts list for your project.

BC CALC® Software

BC CALC® is simple to use, yet flexible enough to analyse a wide variety of joist and beam applications. Span, load and hole information entered by the user is used by the program to analyse the SIMPLE FRAMING SYSTEM® range of engineered wood products.

Easy to read design reports may be printed after analysis has been run. This report clearly shows all span and load information as well as the analysis results.

BC CALC® is available to designers, architects and engineers on CD-ROM. For more information, call Oakworth Timber Engineering on 0870 8500785 or e-mail enquiries@oakworthtimberengineering.co.uk.

BC CALC® Software - Engineered Wood Products joist and beam application software

BC FRAMER® Software

Floor and roof framing layouts are quickly and expertly created by our skilled designers using our powerful and flexible BC FRAMER® software package.

Working in conjunction with BC CALC®, the software allows prompt detailing of walls, framing areas, stairwell openings and joist layouts creating cost effective design solutions. 3D views, large scale details, full product and price schedules are all at our designers fingertips.

BC FRAMER® software provides full working drawings for design approval and for site installation. The software can also interface with other CAD systems to ensure full compatibility and flexibility for the Building Designer.

BC FRAMER® Software - Engineered Wood Products joist and beam application software

Please browse our website for more information about Timber Engineered Products, I-Beams, I-Joists & Laminated Beams then contact us on 01142 611150 or e-mail us on enquiries@oakworthtimberengineering.co.uk.