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Oakworth Timber Engineering

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Boise and the Environment

Engineered wood products represent a bold step forward, not only in terms of their ease of use, excellent performance, and cost saving characteristics, but in the environmental credentials that they offer to specifiers and end users who are increasingly required to prove the eco ratings of the buildings that they construct.

Boise Engineered Wood Products

Unlike conventional timber, the performance of engineered wood products can be accurately predicted which means we can fine-tune a design so that exactly the right amount of product is employed for any given situation. Put simply, there is no need to over-specify, saving both money and resources. In addition, the product's manufacture requires no ancient or virgin timber and leads to very little wastage since virtually the whole tree is utilised - typically at least a third less trees are required than to develop the same profile conventionally. It is also worth remembering that, due to the manufacturing process, engineered wood products are stronger than the solid wood alternative.

When it comes to comparisons with steel and concrete, figures for embodied energy and manufacturing emissions leave engineered wood products as the clear environmental favourite every time. Properly managed, harvesting trees and protecting the environment are indeed compatible objectives.

Quite rightly, the timber industry is under the environmental microscope, and it is ever more important for us all to prove that we are responsible through third-party auditing processes. At Boise, we are justifiably proud of our record. We are a founding member of the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI®) programme and the company's fibre procurement systems are certified to the SFI® standards while our engineered wood products qualify under the SFI's fibre source on-product labelling programme.

Boise Engineered Wood Products

In August 2005, the SFI® scheme has introduced a chain of custody system that suppliers to UK government departments can use to identify the percentage content of timber from SFI® managed forests and so assure buyers that the timber is from a sustainable source. The SFI® scheme joins the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and The Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) schemes in providing assurance of both legal and sustainable timber. We have led the UK market since January 2005 by being the first company permitted to stamp our engineered wood products with the SFI® label. This label means that the facility that produced the product bearing it is part of a programme whose participants plant more than 1.7 million trees every day.

The SFI® programme provides a standard for integrating the sustainable growing and harvesting of trees with protection of wildlife, plants, soil, and water quality. It is the only forest certification system with both land management and wood fibre procurement performance criteria and is founded on the concept of continuous improvement. There are currently over 150 million acres of forestland in North America enrolled in the SFI® programme, making it among the world's largest sustainable forestry programmes. SFI® is governed by a 15-member, multi-stakeholder Sustainable Forestry Board made up of five members from the forest industry, five representatives from the environmental community, and five 'other' stakeholders from academia, small private landowners, and other interested groups.

Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI®)

Boise undertakes SFI® certification audits annually. Trained auditors from PricewaterhouseCoopers conduct the audits with a team of technical auditors specialising in hydrology, wildlife biology, roads, harvesting, and best management practices.

During its most recent audit, PricewaterhouseCoopers cited a number of good sustainable management practices. For example, Boise's advance purchasing of wood chips, which allows chip vendors to plan volumes in advance, thus reducing the possibility of harvesting in unsuitable locations or during bad weather just to fulfill a contract. Also noted was the company's high level of professional leadership on numerous local, state, and national committees and organisations. Claims about the environmental performance of building materials and products are easy to make, but their sustainability is difficult to substantiate without a universal measuring system. We believe it is important to have a full understanding of how products compare so we are now pursuing the aim of profiling our products to help designers and specifiers ensure that they are selecting the materials that will best fulfil a sustainable brief.

The more participants in the various certification programmes, the faster the building green movement will grow. Timber has always been an important building material but now, with the move towards environmentally conscious building gathering momentum, we must be ready with innovative timber products that shout their environmental credentials and remove any doubt from people's minds.

Sustainable Forestry Initiative

EcoHomes is an assessment method in the UK that rates the environmental qualities of new and renovated dwellings. Buildings are verified by independent assessors and rated on a scale of pass, good, very good and excellent. The scheme rewards developers who improve the environmental performance of a development through good design, rather than through high capital cost solutions.

Environmental Profiles Scheme Certificate Number ENP 340

EcoHomes is designed to help tackle climate change, resource use, impact on wildlife and balance these issues against the need to provide safe and healthy living and a high quality of life. For more details about EcoHomes please visit the website www.ecohomes.org. During 2005 Boise commissioned the BRE to carry out a life cycle analysis, environmental profile and EcoHomes points rating on our BCI® Joist products. The results and subsequent Green Guide rating can be found on line at www.redbooklive.com in the section for domestic specification or we can supply details upon request. In summary, Boise has complied with the requirements identified in the scheme SD 028 and is authorised to use the BRE Certificate Mark on all publications related to the environmental profile of our BCI® Joist products. Certificate number ENP 34 0, issue 1, 26/06/2006 to 25/06/2009 refers.

Our undertaking to carry out this assessment in conjunction with the SFI® Chain of Custody certification for both our BCI® Joist and VERSA-LAM® beam manufacturing facilities is testament to our commitment to the UK construction industry and the evolving specification market.

Environmental Profiles Scheme

Please browse our website for more information about Timber Engineered Products, I-Beams, I-Joists & Laminated Beams then contact us on 01142 611150 or e-mail us on enquiries@oakworthtimberengineering.co.uk.