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Oakworth Timber Engineering

Oakworth Homes Limited
Sustainable Building Centre
35 Handsworth Road
South Yorkshire
S9 4AA

Oakworth Timber Engineering

Tel: 01142 611150
Fax: 01142 438150

Registered No: 05794976
VAT No: GB 886 3894 53

Oakworth Homes UK Timber


Benefits - Engineered Wood Products

Increasing the stiffness of a floor system will improve its performance and 'feel'. The most efficient way of increasing the stiffness of the floor is to deepen the joists - this is simple engineering fact - a 25% increase in joist depth will have the same effect as doubling the joist width or halving the joist centres. A clear justification for the 'deeper is cheaper' statement that echoes around the engineered wood product industry. Our designers can easily design the floor to performance levels above the minimum code requirements if so desired.

About Floor Performance

The performance of a floor is matter of opinion. The 'feel' that satisfies one individual may not satisfy another. Many factors affect the perceived performance of a floor. These include:

  • The depth of the joist - The stiffness of a floor can be markedly improved by increasing joist depth. For example, a 25% increase in joist depth will double the floor stiffness.
  • The spacing of the joist system - The stiffness of a floor increases in proportion to reductions in joist spacing.
  • Continuous or simple spans - Allowing joists to span over internal load-bearing walls instead of breaking them at these joints can increase floor stiffness by up to 240%.
  • The decking / flooring material - Thicker decking slightly improves floor performance - 22mm chipboard increases floor stiffness by 2%* compared to 18mm chipboard and means less 'local' deflection under foot.
  • The fixing of the decking material to the joist - Gluing the floor deck to the joists significantly improves floor stiffness, by as much as 70%.*
  • The ceiling material below the joist - Directly applied ceiling boards can improve floor performance by up to 3%.*
  • Level bearings - Unlevel bearings can mean joists feel "spongy" under foot near bearing positions.
  • The location of walls and furniture - The position and size of dead loads on floors can either dampen or exaggerate the dynamic response of floors under foot.

Benefits of Engineered Wood Flooring

*Figures established from independent laboratory research carried out on behalf of the UK Government.

Engineered Wood Products Features & Benefits

Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL)
Stable, strong and reliable engineered wood product that will not shrink, twist, cup, or bow like solid timber.
Tight manufacturing tolerances
Accurate product sizes for installation into service class 1 & 2 environments. No shrinkage - no squeaks.
Wide range of products

Competitive and compatible solutions.

Clean appearance
Inspires product confidence for the builder, inspector, and home buyer.
Stiff and strong
Quiet, flat floors - even ceilings. No herringbone strutting / blocking required at the mid span.
Light in weight
Easy to handle.
Eased edges
Reduces potential splinter injuries.
Pre-stamped knock out holes
Easy access for wiring and plumbing.
High performance OSB web
Accommodates holes for larger services if necessary in accordance with guidelines detailed in this technical guide.
Computer-aided design. Full supporting calculations and layout drawings.
Full layout drawings
Easy-to-read, job-specific joist layout plans.
Precise component packages
Easy to install, no waste.
Installation guide
Easy-to-read installation instructions.
Technical guide
Comprehensive technical details.
Technical support team
Expert help is on hand.
Site trimming
Easy to cut on site using basic hand tools.
Materially efficient
Wise use of natural resources. The peeling process in the manufacture of LVL is a very efficient use of round log raw materials. The BCI® Joist is a very efficient structural shape.
Quality assured - BBA approved
Clean, consistent, reliable products.
Lifetime guarantee
Instills confidence in the products and the construction.

Lifetime Guaranteed Quality and Performance

Boise warrants its BCI® Joist, VERSA-LAM®, and ALLJOIST® products to comply with our specifications, to be free from defects in material and workmanship, and to meet or exceed our performance specifications for the normal and expected life of the structure when correctly stored, installed and used.

BCI® Joists and VERSALAM

Please browse our website for more information about Timber Engineered Products, I-Beams, I-Joists & Laminated Beams then contact us on 01142 611150 or e-mail us on enquiries@oakworthtimberengineering.co.uk.