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Oakworth Timber Engineering

Oakworth Homes Limited
Sustainable Building Centre
35 Handsworth Road
South Yorkshire
S9 4AA

Oakworth Timber Engineering

Tel: 01142 611150
Fax: 01142 438150

Registered No: 05794976
VAT No: GB 886 3894 53

Oakworth Homes UK Timber


Engineered I-Beams - BCI Joists

BCI® Joists are manufactured to precise specifications using VERSA-LAM® laminated veneer lumber flanges bonded to an orientated strand board (OSB) web.

The use of VERSA-LAM® as the flange material avoids the inherent problems that plague solid timber such as shrinking, twisting, cupping, and bowing, all of which contribute to squeaking floors.

Light in weight, yet immensely strong, the long-length BCI® Joists are quick and easy to install. Delivered to site in precise precut component packages, the SIMPLE FRAMING SYSTEM® dramatically reduces installation times and the potential for error.

Straight and true, BCI® Joists create flat floors and even ceilings. Pre-stamped holes in the OSB web allows speedy installation of wiring and plumbing. Other holes can be made in the web to accommodate larger services.

BCI Joists - The Range of our Simple Framing System

BCI® Joist Specifications

Five joist series, BCI® 5000's, 6000's, 6500's, 60's and 90's, are available

Materials and Manufacture

BCI® Joists are manufactured with VERSA-LAM® LVL flanges, oriented strand board (OSB) webs and waterproof structural adhesives. The OSB web sections are glued together at 1220mm centres to form a continuous web. The webs are glued into a 12mm deep groove in the centre of the wide face of the flange members. All components are machineassembled and pressed in one continuous operation. Boise operates the two largest and fastest I-joist plants in the world.

Quality Assurance

BCI® Joists are approved for use in the UK by the British Board of Agrément and are manufactured under a factory production control system audited on a monthly basis by a third-party inspection agency.


Five joist series, BCI® 5000's, 6000's, 6500's, 60's and 90's, are available. Each joist is available in a range of depths as detailed in the product profile illustration above. Joists are manufactured up to 20m long.


The tolerances (in mm) on member sizes are:

  • Joist length.......................... ±3.20mm
  • Joist height.......................... ±0.76mm
  • Flange thickness...................±1.27mm
  • Flange width..........................-0.51mm to +0.38mm

Moisture Content

BCI® Joists will arrive on-site with a moisture content of 8% to 10%. In a service class 1 environment (as defined in BS5268-2:2002), BCI® Joists will remain at an equilibrium moisture content of approximately 10%, whilst in a service class 2 environment, they will absorb a little moisture from the atmosphere and attain a final equilibrium moisture content of 12% to 14%.

NOTE: The corresponding equilibrium moisture contents of solid timber in service classes 1 and 2 will be approximately 12% and 18%, respectively, having typically been delivered to site at a moisture content of 18% to 24%.

Preservative Treatment

BCI® Joists are untreated products with a natural durability sufficient to ensure a minimum design life of 60 years when installed in a service class 1 or 2 environment and not subject to mechanical damage or insect attack. Differences in the swelling characteristics of the materials used in BCI® Joists mean that preservative treatment should not be undertaken without consulting Boise Engineered Wood Products as this may affect the structural integrity of the component.

BCI® Joists are approved for use under the UK Building Regulations by The BBA

Please browse our website for more information about Timber Engineered Products, I-Beams, I-Joists & Laminated Beams then contact us on 01142 611150 or e-mail us on enquiries@oakworthtimberengineering.co.uk.